Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book?

We usually start with a phone call, and we also love meeting our clients in person in one of our offices. Here are the typical steps involved in planning your holiday with us:

The Steps:

1.   Complimentary consultation.

2.   Client questionnaire.

3.   Suggested trip outline and rough cost estimate.

4.   Client agreement signed booking.

5.   $1000 engagement/booking fee.

6.  Welcome letter will outline trip planning requirements, payment terms, visa information, and destination  guides.

7.   Confirm hotels and flights and calculate accurate cost estimate.

8.   Itinerary at glance -including actual flight times and hotels.

9.   Invoice of 30%-65% of total budget (based on number of days prior to departure).

10. Detailed itinerary.

11. Invoice final balance of trip (based on number of days prior to departure).

12. Up to three more itinerary drafts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am travelling alone. Is this ok?

Many passengers travel with us on their own. You can choose to pay the single-supplement rate which enables you to be accommodated in a single room. Alternatively (on many of our tours), you can choose to be matched up with a person of the same gender and pay the twin-share price. In this instance, accommodation will be in twin-bedded rooms. 

I am a vegetarian, is this going to be a problem?

AOT will endeavour to cater for all special diets and preferences. Please advise us of your dietary requirements at the time of booking and we will include the information within your booking to ensure you are catered for appropriately. 

I have many frequent flyer points. Can I just book land only?

Our reservations staff will be happy to book land content only for you.

What should I bring?

You will receive the general information from us once you finalise the booking. We will then give you a guide to packing your bag.

How do I organise my visa?

Whether or not you require a visa will depend on your country of origin and your destination. Please see our Travel Tips and Advice pages found within the destinational information on this site, or don't hesitate to contact us. We will be able to provide you with more information.

Can any your tour be split at any stage and then rejoined at a later date?

Yes, you can split an escorted tour at any stage and join the same tour at a later stage, however this must be arranged at the time of booking and there are restrictions that apply to the duration of the tour. Please contact us to get our Freedom of Flexible Touring information. 

If a single traveller is willing to share a room with another single traveller, but AOT can't find another single traveller to share the room with, does the single traveller still have to pay the single supplement?

No, AOT will give them a single room at no extra cost. (Note: due to some styles of touring this cannot be applied to all of our tours).

Do you allow children on your tours?

Yes, however the minimum age is 8 years on our escorted tours. Please enquire for further details.

Do you have Guaranteed Departures?

Yes AOT does have guaranteed departures - see the Itinerary / Dates and Prices page on this website for a tour's availability, or it can be advised on enquiry.

Do you pick up or drop off at the airport from any hotel?

AOT will only pick up or drop off when accommodation is booked through AOT, however there are some restrictions that apply to some tours in regards to the number of pick up and drop off options.

Are short break / independent tours guaranteed departures?

These tours are made up of a combination of day tours,  Generally departures are daily (see individual itineraries for further details).

What is the luggage restriction on my tour?

A 20kg suitcase, plus a piece of hand luggage, however some tours have further restrictions so please refer to specific restrictions for each tour.

How many seats are there on the vehicle?

Approximately 34-48 seats, but this varies depending on the style of touring. See individual itineraries for further details.

How much of a deposit is required and by when?

Please see the General Information & Conditions on tour flyer.

Are flights included in the price of the tour?

Yes, for all escourted tours air travel is inclusive. See individual itineraries for further details.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see the General Information & Conditions on this website.

What are the weather conditions, and what should we take to wear at different times of the year in China and other destinations?

You can download our Tour general information for China, from the Destination section.

What are the passport requirements for travelling overseas?

The requirements change depending on your destination. Refer to our 'Travelling Requirements' page, found within the specific destination information on this website. Most countries have very informative websites that explain their requirements, or contact AOT for further details.

What is the average age of people on tour?

Our clients are generally 40+, but more than age a positive attitude is most important in a group situation. We have found ages to be as diverse and varied as the sites and attractions you will see on tour.

How long is spent in the coach each day?

Each day's touring will vary, however, you will always get time for sightseeing or personal breaks.

Do I need a good level of fitness?

Not really, however you will need to be able to be mobile. If you are not mobile, you must travel with a companion who can assist.There are specific tours where a good level of fitness is required so please contact us for further information

Do we stop for lunch?


How often do we stop on tour?

Varies on the tour and length of distance travelled on the day. See individual itineraries for further details.

How much am I required to tip?

Please refer to your Tour information for each tour.

What currency do I need in Europe?

Please refer to your Tour information for the relevant currency you will require in each country.

Where does the cruise dock in town?

Please refer to the Port Locations.

Will the Cruise Ships have Internet access?

Each ship and boat are different so please refer to your Tour information for all this information.

Do I need vaccinations for the destination I am going to?

You should consult your GP or the Travel Doctor or check through for the latest immunisations and medical advice.

Is it safe to travel to my destination?

Travel advisories and general tips can be found on this Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

Do you have any questions that haven't been answered here?

You may contact us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.