Why choose us?

Advance Olympic Travel was founded in 1991. Throughout the past 24 years, Advance Olympic Travel has demonstrated unsurpassed innovation, service and a passion for creating unique and stylish travel experiences. Whether it’s a domestic holiday in Australia or an overseas adventure, we understand the importance of selecting the best available accommodation at every unique destination you may encounter on our exclusive collection of tours, journeys and destinations.

The Best of Asia

Asia is our passion and our focus. Our clients select us for precisely this reason. They want a true Asia specialist, a company that understands all the nuances of the region in the greatest possible depth. Many of our clients visit two or more countries on their travels and we handle everything seamlessly.

The Best of Everything

We cater to the highest end of the market, and our clients want the very best of everything. Our clients stay in luxury accommodation places, whether that is a private pool villa, a penthouse suite or a simple ger in the wilds of Mongolia, we ensure an absolute quality experience. We employ exceptional guides and use the most luxurious vehicles, boats and services.

Outstanding Personalized Service

We are a boutique operator, and we only take on a small number of clients. We get to know our clients' interests, needs and passions intimately. We give each one of them an enormous amount of time and personal care - before, during and after travel. Our clients come back to us repeatedly for all their Asian travel and refer us to their friends and family.

Extraordinary Experiences

Our extensive network of friends around Asia allows us to create magical one-off experiences that are unique and often difficult to arrange, based on our clients' own specific interests, from exclusive access to off-limits places to meetings with prominent people. We make sure you get the right vacation place in the right location to suit your particular situation and need.

At your service 24/7

We guarantee the best in personal service from the day you reserve to the day you return home.

Take care of everything

Our small group sizes ensure more personal attention and faster hotel check-in, with bags delivered swiftly and seamlessly to your room.