Specialised Travel

Language Holiday in China

Spend two weeks or more in China! Learn basic Chinese, while exploring some of China's most popular destinations and attractions! See the Terracotta Warriors, explore historical Chinese palaces, witness the beauty of China's ancient water towns, tour modern Shanghai and pause to take in countless scenes along the way, all while beginning your journey towards speaking a language spoken by over 20 per cent of the world's people!

China Education Tour

Are you looking for an educational program for teens in your school or community that allows them to immerse in the culture, history and language of China? We have specifically designed tours for young adults. Participants will explore the magnificent history and culture of China in the capital city of Beijing, while learning Chinese Mandarin at a local Beijing middle school and practicing Chinese with a local family in our home-stay program. 

China Cooking Tour

Our Cooking tour to China offers you the opportunity to combine your holiday with an exciting and memorable cooking experience. Whether you're a complete newcomer to Chinese cuisine, or have been too intimidated by the unusual cooking equipment and ingredients to try making it yourself, this tour is dedicated to helping you learn about Chinese cooking. 

Japan Education Tour

Designed for secondary school Japanese language students who will improve language skills and increase their knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture. Students will also gain confidence and improve team bonding.